Useful Baby Gifts

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Our oldest will be five soon. As far as I can tell, everything about parenthood can be divided into two columns: “the stuff that everyone tells you about it”, and “you literally could not make this up”. It is thrilling, and joyful, and frustrating, and exhilarating, and terrifying, all at the same time. As your baby learns and grows, you do too. Somewhere in those blurry, first days you make the transition from “I have no clue what I’m doing” to “this is exactly what I was made to do” and sometimes, “I know exactly what I’m doing, thanks stranger at the grocery store!”

Sometimes I would give so much to hold that tiny, cooing version of the small human who sometimes calls me dude when he is frustrated with me now. (I know it’s been a week since you last tried but NOPE, STILL NOT OKAY.)

I was going through the kids’ closets the other day and I started thinking about the most useful things we bought or received when they were babies and there were definitely some things on that list that I have no idea how we’d have survived without. So I thought I would share my list of very useful things, for baby and mom.

// For Baby



All I Want For Christmas Is $12,000 in Gifts

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So I guess this is when it begins, September 23rd.

My child is already asking about Christmas-related things on average twice a day. How does this happen? (I’m looking at you, Michaels, with a quarter of your store already dedicated to Christmas. And you with the catalogs, Pottery Barn Kids, and you, Land of Nod.) September 23rd. It was 90 this past weekend! Christmas stuff?!?

Last year I started letting Oliver circle things he wanted for Christmas when the catalogs came because 1) he mentions so many thing that I could never possibly remember them all, and 2) it gives him something to do. So the other night when I needed 7 minutes of peace to wash the dishes, I told the kids they could look through the new catalogs and circle things they liked. Oliver grabbed a stack from the living room they got to work with their markers in hand. After I finished up in the kitchen, I sat down to review their selections.

I’ll share with you some of my favorites:

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Harper was much more selective, taking care to circle only every single bar stool and dining chair in the CB2 catalog and then this owl night light from Land of Nod.

Can’t wait to see where we’ll be come October 23rd.

Mom Uniform // Bags and Shoes

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A mom uniform: Something that very few of us set out to create, but all of us mamas have. Much is expected of the mom uniform; It must be able to bend over to pick up the entire spilled contents of a goldfish pouch in the middle of the grocery store, it must be able to crawl under the display tables at Anthropologie to retrieve the beloved ball you tried so hard to convince your child to leave in the car, it must be able to roll with the punches of marker hands and spaghetti faces and above all, it must be comfortable.

My daily mom uniform tends to look something like a pair of Wunder Unders and a slouchy unisex tank or baseball T á la American Apparel. It is tried and true- it doesn’t ride up or fall down or gape open or lose it’s composure when I throw it in the washing machine. It’s something of a trusty sidekick, but it’s also pretty bland. In order to keep my style life both functional and exciting, here are some of my favorite ways to bring life to my day-to-day dressing.

// 1. A Badass, Do-It-All Bag
Requirements: Must be big enough to hold a few diapers, a pack of wipes, a couple of snacks, a book or two, 11 Matchbox cars, a couple of hair bows, a couple of hair bows for your toddler’s doll, some “treasures” your preschooler found on the sidewalk, and art supplies for public meltdowns. Oh, and whatever you need, too. Top handles look nice for posing in pictures and date nights but a shoulder strap is crucial since you are already negative 3 hands that you could really use.

20140727-131215-47535353.jpg // 1. Hello, beautiful. // 2. Alexander Wang is a wizard at creating the simplest bags that pack a punch of attitude. // 3. Bucket bags are so right now. // 4. This bag will go with everything you own.