Personalized Canvas Tote Bag For Bridesmaids or Anyone Else DIY

Crafts, DIY

I can’t really say very much regarding bridesmaids. I think I may have been one twice in my life, both times before the age of 18. My husband and I eloped at the San Diego County Courthouse, so the closest thing I had to bridesmaids were the 7 other random women who made appointments to be married around the same time we were. Anyway- I was going to title this “Bridesmaid Gift Bag DIY” because that is a thing that lots of people buy (according to Etsy) and these fit the bill perfectly. But then I thought that the people who read my blog that I know in real life would be like, that’s weird coming from the girl who got married on a Tuesday at the courthouse. (3% of my blog subscribers are currently my mom. Heyy!)