Trends // Athletic Wear Inspired

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Have you guys noticed how popular athletic wear is right now? It’s been on the runway for the past couple of seasons, but the big Birkenstock boom last year really drove home how mainstream it has become. Personally, I’ve been doing the athletic wear thing way before last year. Some might have called it lazy, but I like to think of it as ahead of the trends. I’m like Kanye and his leather jogging pants, just less angry.

Anyway, I’m glad we’re finally all on the same page. Let’s examine some shoes.


// 1. I would wear these sandals by Teva x Woolrich way more than I should probably admit. I think Teva is going to have a pretty big resurgence this year.

// 2. I would never spend $950 on sneakers, but if you would, I encourage you to buy these Tom Ford dreamboats.

// 3. These gold slides by Vince have a great minimalist/luxe vibe going on. You could wear them with everything.

// 4. The cool kids have been wearing Vans since the 60’s. These burgundy slip-ons have a very Bottega Veneta feel to them, for about $600 less.

// 5. Hear me out on this one: I used to say, EW SNEAKER WEDGES and then one day I came home from the mall with a pair of sneaker wedges (sometimes I don’t know who I am) and THEY ARE FOOT PILLOWS, you guys. Little, portable foot pillows. These Jeffrey Campbell sneakers remind me of the Fendi monsters.

// 6. I’m not exactly sure what is going on here, but I like it. These Loeffler Randall perforated slip-ons seem like they’d be comfy and convenient, which is what all the best shoes should aim to be.