Oops, I Didn’t Blog in Forever

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Dear Diary (blog),

Sorry that it’s been so long since we’ve spoken. I’m not really sure what happened. It’s like one minute we were the best of friends and then a few weeks passed and we hardly even know each other anymore.

If you were wondering what I’ve been up to, here are some recent pictures from my phone and other things I’ve been doing/loving lately:

// Kindah Khalidy had a .01 cent painting sale and I bought a couple. She’s an amazing painter/textile designer with a knack for making things that look like they were made by a 4-year old, but you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. I love that her art is childish and whimsical and both simple and complex at the same time.

Not one of the one cent paintings; Kindah Khalidy, $650

Not one of the one cent paintings; Kindah Khalidy, $650


Art Appreciation // Peter Anton

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I never carved out the time to read that The Five Languages of Love book, mostly because it sounds awful but also because I am self-aware enough to already know that my love language is food. (That’s one of the options, right?)

So when I happened upon this glorious piece by Peter Anton while exploring in San Francisco, it spoke to me.

I probably wasn't supposed to take this picture. But that's me, living life on the edge.

Peter Anton makes mixed media sculptures of food- namely chocolates, donuts, pastries, ice cream bars and other sweets. There’s really no way to accurately communicate the brilliance of his artwork without seeing it in person. The textures and colors are so lifelike, the works in person are like looking at the actual food under a microscope. The teeth marks in the chocolates, the syrup pooled in the bottom, the way the chocolate is cracked around the bite mark- they’re so realistic that you almost expect them to smell like the real thing. I thought it was too incredible not to share.

Here are some of his other pieces (from his website):







And now I need to go find some chocolates.

Coats for the Grown and Sexy

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I feel like I should apologize for that title.

I remember when I was in high school, these ads would come on the top 40 radio station I always listened to and they’d be like, “WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT CLUB ______, yada yada yada, FOR THE GROWN AND SEXY ONLY”.

Honestly, it always seemed like way too complicated of a club to attend. What if you were grown but unsure of your sexiness? Who was the authority on “sexy”? What if you were definitely sexy but unsure of the point at which you are actually considered “grown”. Is it when you completely stop growing? If you Google “when do people stop growing” this article will tell you that the magic number is most likely 20. So you could be technically grown and definitely sexy and still not able to get into that club because it was 21 and up. That seems stressful. I’d rather just go to a club that was like, “Your belly can hang over your jeans as long as your purchase our drinks that we mark up 400%“.* That’s my kind of club.

I’m sorry. That was completely not the point of this.

Anyway- I’m due for a new coat.

A Few of My Favorite Things // Home

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IMG_4233 // 1. I love the happy colors in this banner. And really, good vibes only, please.
// 2. Shanna Murray makes all sorts of incredible wall decals. Too bad our walls are textured and I’ve had bad luck with decals on textured walls. Let’s have a moment of silence for all of the decals I can’t buy.
// 3. I think if you’re going to put a fake animal head on your wall, whimsical is the way to go. This zebra head from The Land of Nod is one of my favorites. But this pink unicorn may be a close second.
// 4. This print by Emily McDowell is one of the best things I’ve seen lately. Someone said to me the other day, “Your kids always look so happy on Instagram!” and of course they do! Nobody posts pictures of their snot-nosed, tear-faced and tantrum-throwing kids- it would ruin the illusion! Just like you could cruise my Instagram page and maybe find a few pictures of some cute shoes but god knows you will never find a picture of my bare feet. Never in a million years and that is not a coincidence. Not everything on the Internet is real life; and the bulk of real life would never be Internet-quality material. This print is an excellent reminder for both ourselves and the kids we are raising in the digital age.
// 5. Whale someone please buy me these bookends?