Etsy Round-Up

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Heyyo. Look who’s back before February!

I’m definitely in the “feeling organized and productive” stage of the new year. It’s a welcome reprieve from the past couple of months where I was in the “finger foods and champagne” phase. That wasn’t very conducive to writing, so cheers to the new year! Maybe with kombucha, though. Please, no more champagne.

Speaking of being productive, I have been working on a couple of Etsy orders that I got this weekend. Etsy is cool because it allows me to scratch that crafting itch without drowning my family in nautical flag banners that I would have otherwise made for no other reason than “because I felt called to”.

Etsy is also one of my favorite places to spend 3 hours scrolling through teapots find unique things for myself and my house. I’m always so blown away by the amount of talent on there. So I decided I would do an occasional round-up of some of my favorite things on the big E.

1 // Emily McDowell “It’s Too Early” Mug



Oops, I Didn’t Blog in Forever

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Dear Diary (blog),

Sorry that it’s been so long since we’ve spoken. I’m not really sure what happened. It’s like one minute we were the best of friends and then a few weeks passed and we hardly even know each other anymore.

If you were wondering what I’ve been up to, here are some recent pictures from my phone and other things I’ve been doing/loving lately:

// Kindah Khalidy had a .01 cent painting sale and I bought a couple. She’s an amazing painter/textile designer with a knack for making things that look like they were made by a 4-year old, but you couldn’t pull it off if you tried. I love that her art is childish and whimsical and both simple and complex at the same time.

Not one of the one cent paintings; Kindah Khalidy, $650

Not one of the one cent paintings; Kindah Khalidy, $650

Art Appreciation // Peter Anton

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I never carved out the time to read that The Five Languages of Love book, mostly because it sounds awful but also because I am self-aware enough to already know that my love language is food. (That’s one of the options, right?)

So when I happened upon this glorious piece by Peter Anton while exploring in San Francisco, it spoke to me.

I probably wasn't supposed to take this picture. But that's me, living life on the edge.

Peter Anton makes mixed media sculptures of food- namely chocolates, donuts, pastries, ice cream bars and other sweets. There’s really no way to accurately communicate the brilliance of his artwork without seeing it in person. The textures and colors are so lifelike, the works in person are like looking at the actual food under a microscope. The teeth marks in the chocolates, the syrup pooled in the bottom, the way the chocolate is cracked around the bite mark- they’re so realistic that you almost expect them to smell like the real thing. I thought it was too incredible not to share.

Here are some of his other pieces (from his website):







And now I need to go find some chocolates.

Give Me All the Wallpaper

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It’s baaaaack! Wallpaper is going through a big revival right now. I’m seeing it everywhere from bars to dressing rooms to design blogs. Plus, when they sell it at Anthropologie, you know it’s a “thing”.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to bring some life to our powder room downstairs for a while now. Bathrooms can be tough to decorate beyond an accent rug and some pictures on the wall (if you have the wall space) and funky hand towels only go so far. It didn’t hit me until the other night that wallpaper was the answer I’d been looking for. A little Google work yielded some fantastic results, and now I want to wallpaper every possible surface in my home, nothing excepted.

FYI- Design*Sponge has compiled a great list of wallpaper sources if you’re in the market.

Here, I share my favorite picks from my favorite spots. (Clicking the pictures will take you to the websites)