Various Things I Bought in 2014, Reviewed


It’s December 30th. I could wax poetic about how it’s been another great year of learning and growing and highs and lows and self discovery and yada yada, but I’ll spare you. Instead I thought I would share with you, dear readers (probably just my mom now since I dropped the ball on blogging), reviews of some of my purchases of 2014. You know, the important stuff in life.

In no particular order at all, let’s begin:

// Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

In the digital age we live in, there’s something deeply satisfying for me about sitting down and writing something out on a piece of paper. I know that my phone can do everything this agenda is capable of and more, but I swear I am more organized and productive when I write things down in here. Also, having a hard copy of all of my plans eliminates the fear of one of my kids wiping out my entire calendar with one rogue finger swipe, which is a nice security. Also, it comes with stickers. Don’t know why you wouldn’t want stickers.

10/10- Would buy again.

// Wildfox “I Need A Drink” Sweatshirt


I saw this sweatshirt on and ordered it without hesitation because 1) Wildfox is the reigning king (queen?) of sweats, and 2) this is kiiind of my credo. I got it in the mail and the self-proclaimed “oversized” sweatshirt was more like “medium-tent sized”. The XS was cut somewhere between a men’s L and XL and it looked absolutely ridiculous on. So I shed a tear for what could have been and then promptly boxed that ish up and sent it on it’s oversized way back to where it came from.

2/10- Would buy again if it were 4 sizes smaller.

// Dr. Scholl’s Foot Cheese Grater


Okay so that’s not what it’s actually called, but I feel that “foot cheese grater” is much more short and to the point than “Dr. Scholl’s For Her Smooth My Sole Micro File”. Just call it like it is, guys; my lady feet don’t need patronizing. Anyway, this works much better than the foot-rock-on-a-string contraption that hangs in my shower. My only qualm with Impossibly Long Named Foot Device is that the sandpaper-ish pads that you’re supposed to use to smooth your feet after using the cheese grater portion kind of just deteriorate against my skin. I substitute my foot rock (if you’re looking for someone to come up with a name for your product, I’m available) at the end of the process instead of the pads and my lady feet are living happily ever after.

8/10- Would buy again even with subpar sandpaper pads.

// Dominos Pizza


What do you know about that Handmade Pan Pacific Veggie pizza at Dominos? Because as records would indicate, I know quite a lot about it.

10/10- Would buy again.

// This Floor Mat


I’m not sure exactly what sort of image my blog has painted of me thus far, but if it is such of a woman that loves a good bottle of perfume, eats her weight in pizza on a bi-monthly basis and washes a shitload of dishes, it would be a pretty accurate one. Hard floors + standing in one spot for extended periods of time = me complaining. This thing is a gift from the gods and I was going to say “the best thing since sliced bread”, but it’s arguably better than sliced bread because no carbs. Go buy yourself this gel floor mat and thank me later. And no matter what your husband says about it being for old people, you do you, girl.

10/10- Would buy again.

// Tieks


You may or may not have heard they hype about these shoes and how Oprah and everyone else on Earth is madly in love with them, but it is TRUUUUE. I’m in flats year-round and these are definitely the best ones I’ve ever had. They are comfortable and cut exactly right in all the right places and they’re made extremely well. These flats out-perform other flats I have that are twice as expensive. Trust me (and Oprah), you need these. And I need them in at least 2 other colors.

10/10- Would buy again.

// BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer


BACtrack makes a police-grade mobile breathalyzer that works with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it is probably the coolest thing I bought this year. I actually bought two of these, one for us and one as a gift. Not only is it an extremely useful tool that could be a literal life (and DUI) saver, it also makes kind of a fun party trick. It takes about 30 seconds to give you a reading, and from there it tells you about how long it will take for your BAC to return to 0.00 and also provides tools for you to find a ride home, should you need one.

10/10- Would buy again.

So this concludes my 2014 list of Various Things I Bought and Reviewed. If I maintain my current trend of only blogging every 75 days, then I hope you and yours have a magical New Years and all your romantic dreams come true for you this Valentines Day.



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