Personalized Canvas Tote Bag For Bridesmaids or Anyone Else DIY

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I can’t really say very much regarding bridesmaids. I think I may have been one twice in my life, both times before the age of 18. My husband and I eloped at the San Diego County Courthouse, so the closest thing I had to bridesmaids were the 7 other random women who made appointments to be married around the same time we were. Anyway- I was going to title this “Bridesmaid Gift Bag DIY” because that is a thing that lots of people buy (according to Etsy) and these fit the bill perfectly. But then I thought that the people who read my blog that I know in real life would be like, that’s weird coming from the girl who got married on a Tuesday at the courthouse. (3% of my blog subscribers are currently my mom. Heyy!)

These personalized tote bags are perfect for small grocery trips, library runs with the kids, and “stuff” in general. They’re easy and inexpensive to make and with a few thoughtful things inside, would make perfect gift bags for friends, family, teachers, or anyone else you appreciate.

Personalized Canvas Tote Bag DIY

Plain canvas bags
Multi-surface paint
Painter’s tape
Letter stencils

photo 1
Start by taping off a strip along the top of the bag. Try to keep the lines nice and straight. photo 2

Then tear off two strips of tape and place them under the stripe you just placed on the bag- this will keep the proper 3

Tape another strip under your two “spacers”. I guess you could just do one long spacing strip. I don’t know why I do it this way. My brain isn’t always the most logical brain it could be. photo 4

And keep moving the two of them (or one, if you went for efficiency) down after every solid stripe to maintain the spacing.

photo 5

Until you have the whole front of the bag taped off. photo 6

Press the edges of the tape down firmly- this will keep the paint you’re about to apply from bleeding. Place a magazine or piece of cardboard in the bag while you’re working so there’s no bleeding through to the other side, then paint the exposed stripes whatever color you’d like. photo 8

Once your stripes have dried, carefully peel the tape away. photo 1

Then place the stencil on the bag and paint your letter on.

photo 3photo 4

And you’re done! Easy peasy. I like using Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paints because the color options are incredible and you can wash them.*photo 6


I’ve made approximately entirely too many of these already.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Happy crafting!

*You’re welcome for the plug, Martha. I know you can use all the help you can get.


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