All I Want For Christmas Is $12,000 in Gifts

Christmas, Motherhood

So I guess this is when it begins, September 23rd.

My child is already asking about Christmas-related things on average twice a day. How does this happen? (I’m looking at you, Michaels, with a quarter of your store already dedicated to Christmas. And you with the catalogs, Pottery Barn Kids, and you, Land of Nod.) September 23rd. It was 90 this past weekend! Christmas stuff?!?

Last year I started letting Oliver circle things he wanted for Christmas when the catalogs came because 1) he mentions so many thing that I could never possibly remember them all, and 2) it gives him something to do. So the other night when I needed 7 minutes of peace to wash the dishes, I told the kids they could look through the new catalogs and circle things they liked. Oliver grabbed a stack from the living room they got to work with their markers in hand. After I finished up in the kitchen, I sat down to review their selections.

I’ll share with you some of my favorites:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Harper was much more selective, taking care to circle only every single bar stool and dining chair in the CB2 catalog and then this owl night light from Land of Nod.

Can’t wait to see where we’ll be come October 23rd.

4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is $12,000 in Gifts

    1. You and me, both! Also those fairies that you pulled a string and they launched into the air. I wanted all of them.

      To the 4 year old’s credit, he circled a lot of reasonable things also. The 2 year old was pretty set on bar stools, though. Hopefully this isn’t some sort of foreshadowing 😂


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