I Made an Entire Halloween Costume Using a Hot Glue Gun

DIY, Halloween

A week or so ago, I started brainstorming Halloween costume duos for the kids. One of my favorites was Harper as Boo and Oliver as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. I started googling “Boo” costume DIYs and pretty quickly found that 100% of them required sewing machine proficiency. Which I do not possess.16149_1213903801627_316_400Not that I let that stop me.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a tutorial; I completely guessed at materials and amounts and techniques and nothing here is the least bit technical. I’m sure it could probably be improved upon, but in case you’re interested in how to glue your way to a semi-legitmate costume, here’s what I did:

Shiny purple fabric
Polyester filling
A plastic bowl to be used as the head
Moppy-type material to be used as the hair
Smooth foam balls for the eyes
Black paint
Sticky Velcro strips
White felt for the teeth
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks, a lot of hot glue sticks

I really had in mind a little bit of a lighter purple fabric with the sequin-like circles on it but the universe (or Mill End Fabrics) said it was not to be. So I settled for a little more vibrant purple. I laid the fabric out on the counter and estimated the length by laying one of Harper’s dresses on it. In the movie, Boo’s costume is almost down to her feet, but I made mine fall just below the knees so she could easily walk and run. Once I figured out the length (doubled because it needs to be folded over and stuffed), I cut the fabric and glued the edges down for a cleaner look.IMG_4379

You can see that Boo’s costume looks quilted; I simply glued where you would sew these seams in.photo 1

I then calculated where to cut the arm holes and how big to make them using Harper’s dress again. When the arm holes were cut, I glued off one end of the costume so I could add the filling.photo 3

After I stuffed the costume, I sealed up any other openings. With the costume stuffed, I wrapped it around and figured out where to place my cut-Velcro strips, and then attached them accordingly.photo 5

Here’s where that got me:photo

For the hat, I drilled two small holes in a cheap plastic bowl for the wire to hold the eyes. I painted the foam balls appropriately and set them aside to dry. I glued the fabric over the bowl and then threaded the wire through the holes. When the eyes were finished drying, I pushed them on the ends of the wires and secured them with glue. Then I cut a bunch of strips of the moppy-stuff and glued it to the top of the hat. Finally, I cut “teeth” out of white felt and glued them to the inside of the bowl and along the inside of the collar of the costume.

And here’s what I got: Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

I still need to get an off-white shirt and tights for her to wear under the costume (and maybe glue yarn in circles on them so it looks more like the picture), but I’m pretty pleased with the way this turned out.

Conclusion: if you’ve been wanting to DIY a costume but have been deterred by the sewing requirements, take heart! It turns out all you need is a little ingenuity and a boatload of hot glue sticks.

Happy crafting!

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