Five Years // Bubblegum Sugar Scrub DIY

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The passing of August marks year five (5!) of us being in Portland.
Oregon has been so good to us. The first trip Sean and I took after moving here was to Florida to spend Christmas with my family. I remember driving to our downtown apartment when we got back in town and remarking that Oregon really felt like home. Now a few years, another baby, a cat, a house, and a dog later, I truly can’t imagine living anywhere else.

The end of August marks something else around here, too: Autumn is coming. For now the trees are still lush and the splash pads are still filled with kids in bathing suits and I can see the smoke from my neighbor barbecuing as I type this, but you can feel it. There’s a shift in the energy outside. The air seems giddy with excitement. Kind of like the way you felt on Christmas Eve as a kid, but the magic that happens in Fall is real. The air turns crisp; the leaves on the trees turn electric. The Pacific Northwest sky is as happy to slip back into it’s smokey-grey haze as I am to slip back into my favorite sweaters. We’ve been holding out for the chilly night campfires, hot apple cider and pumpkin patch hay rides and it’s. so. close.

// On a different note, the change in the seasons always does a number on my skin. My face gets scaly-dry and my knuckles do this cool thing where they get these tiny paper cut-like cracks all over them. It’s a lot of fun. Last year I started making my own sugar scrubs and using them on my dry bits and I was so surprised that they actually made a difference. All you need is sugar, oil (jojoba or almond) and a few bottles of essential oils. The sugar does the exfoliating, the oil does the moisturizing. I love experimenting with the different essential oils to make my own scents. So far I have about a 50/50 average of making things that smell like they could be store bought/ things that smell overwhelmingly like dirt. Here I share my favorite tried-and-true sugar scrub recipe that definitely does not smell like dirt, but bubblegum. Which is infinitely better than dirt.

//Bubblegum Sugar Scrub//

1/2 cup sugar (granulated or cane)
1/4 cup carrier oil (jojoba or almond)
8 drops grapefruit essential oil
4 drops ylang ylang essential oil
A small canning jar with lid

This is truly so simple that it hardly needs instructions. Just mix all of the ingredients together in the jar and there you have it. These make nice little goodies to give, also. They were perfect additions to our thank you notes for Oliver’s teachers last year during Teacher Appreciation Week. I like to dress them up a little (mostly because I have miles of yarn that I need to justify buying)
IMG_3541but if you take the time to make a nice little braid, it can double as a friendship-type bracelet when you take it off the jar!


If you have any sugar scrub recipes that you love, please share! I’m always down to make new things. Especially if they don’t smell like dirt.

P.S. Here’s a picture from my Instagram account of a leaf that I found on a walk with the kids last fall. Notice that it matches my neon yarn. IMG_3561

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