Someone Take My Yarn

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Thursday morning I needed to make pom-poms. I woke up, came downstairs, made the kids breakfast, made my coffee and then my brain was like, MAKE POM-POMS. But of course I am a real person living in the real world and my sink was full of dirty dishes and there was a mountain of dirty clothes that needed to be washed and the playroom looked like a bomb went off from the night before. So I did the responsible thing and made pom-poms. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Luckily for me, I still have a ton of yarn left over from making this thing, which I got the idea from magical-craft-unicorn
Oleander and Palm, so I was all set.IMG_3455-1

(If you don’t know how to make pom-poms from yarn, there are oodles of instructions to be found online; I used these.)

Anywho, if you find yourself inexplicably churning out yarn poms at 9 in the morning, here are some things you can do with them:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetYou could easily spice up an unframed canvas by glueing the poms around the edge, like so.

Side note: I always keep a stash of canvases in the house because painting is a great “I’m bored” activity and sometimes you end up with unexpected masterpieces. I like having the kids paint canvases because they’re much easier for me to keep forever than a drawing on a piece of paper. I hang the good ones in various places around the house- here is one of my favorites:


Back on topic:

IMG_3441PMA– Something I could use more of some days. (Do you like my very professional Urban Dictionary source?)

photo 1‘Yes’ can be a hard word to say. Especially as a parent because most of the questions involve things like playing in the mud right after having a bath or having cupcakes for breakfast or buying “just one” new toy or “can we pleeeeeease just go to Disney World tomorrow”. Sometimes I have to remind myself to say yes more. The floors can be cleaned,  the clothes can be washed, I can take a break from whatever it is I’m doing to go find “special” rocks. I think this would make a fun (and useful) addition to a gallery wall. A nice little reminder to say “yes” when you can.

photo 2

If you didn’t know, I’m from the South, which means I have a natural inclination to monogram the hell out of everything I own.


These would be cute sewn onto a throw pillow or around the bottom of plain white curtains in a kid’s room or playroom. And by “sewn” I mean hot-glued. HGGF (Hot Glue Gun Forever).

Other really simple ideas include glueing them to bobby pins or making magnets out of the individual poms, there are really endless possibilities. I have some Christmastime-related ideas that these would be great for but unlike the people at my local Michaels, I do not think the end of August is the appropriate time for Christmas things, so I’ll be saving that post for a later date.

If you have any pom ideas, I’d love to hear! You know I could always use a reason to buy more yarn.
Happy crafting!

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