Fall Trends// How To Wear Camo Without Looking Like Ted Nugent

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Camo is having a moment. Quite a big moment, actually. From the high-end designers like Valentino and Prada to the accessible luxury lines a la Tory Burch and Michael Kors, camo is everywhere.

The traditional hunting print actually makes a very versatile neutral that brings more character than your typical black or tan, but wearing it the right way is key. Here I share a couple of ways I styled the trend.

Camo Does: Errand Running

Keeping the rest of your outfit toned down is important when wearing camo, as it is with any busy print. I love how everything in this look is so simple and yet you have a lot of great textures grooving together.


// 1. Wildfox Sunglasses // 2. Baby-G Watch // 3. Madewell Athletic T // 4. Burberry Tote // 5. Valentino Sneakers (marry me) // 6. Leather Jogging Pants (And if you’re not into $2,000 pants, these look the same for about $1,900 less). Also, please forgive that crop job.

Camo Does: Daytime

In this example, the masculinity of the sandal is perfectly balanced by the femininity of the top and softness of the pink tones.


// 1. Ray Ban Aviators // 2. Tory Burch Backpack // 3. Silk Madewell Top // 4. J.Crew Zip Pants // 5. Gentle Souls Slide Sandal

Camo Does: Date Night

If the words “camo” and “evening wear” even remotely close together make you think of this, I understand. (Also, burn that with fire.) But have no fear! It can be done without destining yourself for a future guest spot on Jerry Springer.


// 1. Alexander Wang Jumpsuit // 2. Lulu Frost Necklace // 3. Valentino Bag // 4. Stuart Weitzman Sandal

What are your favorite camo pieces this year?


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