Someone Take My Yarn

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Thursday morning I needed to make pom-poms. I woke up, came downstairs, made the kids breakfast, made my coffee and then my brain was like, MAKE POM-POMS. But of course I am a real person living in the real world and my sink was full of dirty dishes and there was a mountain of dirty clothes that needed to be washed and the playroom looked like a bomb went off from the night before. So I did the responsible thing and made pom-poms. 


I Ruined A Bookcase // The Makings of a Reading Nook

Crafts, DIY, Home Decor, Motherhood

Recently, on one of my Michael’s trips I came across the glorious wall of Krylon Colormaster spray paint. It beckoned to me in its glorious rainbow of colors, “Dannnnnnaaaa. Daaaannnnnnnaaa” and I knew then and there that something was going to be spray painted.

It didn’t take long to decide that my son’s old pine bookcase would be the lucky winner. I say it’s pine, but it’s actually Ikea “pine”. So plastic-y cardboard-ish woodstuff that looks like pine. Obviously I wasn’t born yesterday and duuhh, you can’t just spray paint smooth surfaces with no prep. BUT LOOK! The can said “paint and primer” (don’t have to use a primer!) and that it would work on plastic. Plastic! That’s practically what this bookcase is, right? Plastic.

Give Me All the Wallpaper

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It’s baaaaack! Wallpaper is going through a big revival right now. I’m seeing it everywhere from bars to dressing rooms to design blogs. Plus, when they sell it at Anthropologie, you know it’s a “thing”.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to bring some life to our powder room downstairs for a while now. Bathrooms can be tough to decorate beyond an accent rug and some pictures on the wall (if you have the wall space) and funky hand towels only go so far. It didn’t hit me until the other night that wallpaper was the answer I’d been looking for. A little Google work yielded some fantastic results, and now I want to wallpaper every possible surface in my home, nothing excepted.

FYI- Design*Sponge has compiled a great list of wallpaper sources if you’re in the market.

Here, I share my favorite picks from my favorite spots. (Clicking the pictures will take you to the websites)

Fall Trends// How To Wear Camo Without Looking Like Ted Nugent

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Camo is having a moment. Quite a big moment, actually. From the high-end designers like Valentino and Prada to the accessible luxury lines a la Tory Burch and Michael Kors, camo is everywhere.

The traditional hunting print actually makes a very versatile neutral that brings more character than your typical black or tan, but wearing it the right way is key. Here I share a couple of ways I styled the trend.