Mom Uniform // Bags and Shoes

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A mom uniform: Something that very few of us set out to create, but all of us mamas have. Much is expected of the mom uniform; It must be able to bend over to pick up the entire spilled contents of a goldfish pouch in the middle of the grocery store, it must be able to crawl under the display tables at Anthropologie to retrieve the beloved ball you tried so hard to convince your child to leave in the car, it must be able to roll with the punches of marker hands and spaghetti faces and above all, it must be comfortable.

My daily mom uniform tends to look something like a pair of Wunder Unders and a slouchy unisex tank or baseball T á la American Apparel. It is tried and true- it doesn’t ride up or fall down or gape open or lose it’s composure when I throw it in the washing machine. It’s something of a trusty sidekick, but it’s also pretty bland. In order to keep my style life both functional and exciting, here are some of my favorite ways to bring life to my day-to-day dressing.

// 1. A Badass, Do-It-All Bag
Requirements: Must be big enough to hold a few diapers, a pack of wipes, a couple of snacks, a book or two, 11 Matchbox cars, a couple of hair bows, a couple of hair bows for your toddler’s doll, some “treasures” your preschooler found on the sidewalk, and art supplies for public meltdowns. Oh, and whatever you need, too. Top handles look nice for posing in pictures and date nights but a shoulder strap is crucial since you are already negative 3 hands that you could really use.

20140727-131215-47535353.jpg // 1. Hello, beautiful. // 2. Alexander Wang is a wizard at creating the simplest bags that pack a punch of attitude. // 3. Bucket bags are so right now. // 4. This bag will go with everything you own.

// 2. Shoes
Requirements: Must be able to run and catch a runaway child, jump to reach the candy you hid on top of the refrigerator while your child naps, skip through the park, hop on one leg, tip-toe inside with a sleeping baby slung over your shoulder, be comfortable, aaaand look good.

20140727-131315-47595674.jpg // 1. I wear these shoes everywhere, doing everything. // 2. Pretty sandals do wonders for black tights and a white t-shirt. // 3. Birkenstocks are cool again. // 4. I need these immediately. They would be ridiculously practical for Portland winters.

// 3. Sunglasses That Make You Feel Like a Movie Star
This is self-explanatory. 20140727-131355-47635046.jpg // 1. The classics you probably already own are having a moment with mirrored lenses. // 2. I don’t pop molly… // 3. Wildfox is the cool kid on the block. // 4. Karen Walker, I love you. I’d love to hear how you spice up your mom-wear 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mom Uniform // Bags and Shoes

  1. I’ve made it a point to not wear yoga pants out in public, ever. Just put some darn pants on. And I think you nailed it with the badass purse and “stunner shades”. I totally love your blog btw, I’m actually reading what you write, normally I just look at the pics. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so flattered.. I assume most of my readers are my mom and people that I pressure into clicking via Facebook posts, so you totally made my night! 🙂 Love those fried green tomatoes on your blog, btw!

      Liked by 1 person

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