Alternative Wedding Rings

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I really like the idea of alternative or non-traditional wedding rings. Not only do they offer so much more freedom to find something that is truly you, but there are so many stunning options at widely varying price points.

Here I compile some of my favorite alternative ideas for putting a ring on it:


1. The gray diamonds and blue sapphires in this ring are both understated and really stunning. // 2. As someone with two small children, I am ALWAYS taking my ring off to avoid scratching my kids and getting it gunky. This ring would be so practical, not to mention how beautifully simple it is. // 3. I love the 1920’s design of this. // 4. Oooh, sparkly. // 5. I love the symbolism of the two chains linked together in this ring. // 6. The Olive Leaf is a symbol of peace and abundance, definitely good things to have in your marriage. // 7. This ring reminds me of a mood ring, in a really grown-up and sophisticated way. // 8. Probably my favorite of the bunch– eye-catching and elegant.

What are your thoughts on unconventional rings?


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